Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Relationship between humans and nature Essay

Marlowe in his poem ‘The passionate shepherd to his love’ talks of the strong link between humans and the nature that surrounds them. The poem from beginning to the end talks mainly of the nature that surrounds us wherever we go. The poem makes us understand that we are actually dependent on nature for all our needs. The nature in its splendor is so beautiful that Marlowe has actually united with the environment. The poem captures the joy of love, in the midst of nature. In fact reading the poem makes one wonder, if the natural splendor that surrounded Marlowe when he wrote the poem, was the reason for his love to flow like a river. Nature makes one forget about the present. In fact, it makes us forget all about ourselves and become one with nature as we enjoy and be part of the beauty that surrounds us in all its glory. Marlowe in this poem talks more of the nature that surrounds him and less about his love. The poem talks of the quiet simplicity of rural life and how humans are part of nature. There is no way of separating humans from nature. The humans are dependent on nature for their very existence. The nature is dependent on humans to be admired and glorified. The human dependence on nature is highlighted by the fact that Marlowe is sitting upon a rock. He wants to make a bed of roses; wool for a coat from the lambs, buckles for the slippers from gold, a belt of straw, the list goes on. Marlowe by writing this poem has made the readers understand the relationship between humans and nature. Annie Dillard in ‘Sojourner’ talks of the Earth in its entire splendor. She talks of the mangrove tree that floats and becomes like an island in a sense. She rediscovers the magic of nature and how it can be viewed in a beautiful sense. People ordinarily will not give a second thought to a tree floating. She magnifies the significance and projects a simple natural event into something extraordinary. In fact Annie Dillard brings to life the mangrove tree that is all but dead. A tree that has no life has been brought to life with her words. When Dillard talks about the mangrove tree, she actually means the Earth and its movements. She tells that Earth is a sojourner, creating its own path and moves in a path that cannot be followed by any other thing on Earth. She tells that Earth is a wet ball thrown into eternity and humans are part of this. We the humans and nature have united to become one. She ends with a question asking what will happen at the end of the journey. The mangrove tree will finally end up in the Ocean. So where do the Earth and the humans living on it finally end up, is a question left unanswered. Mangroves play a major role in the essay by Annie Dillard. She uses the tree to show the human nature. The mangrove starts from scratch and builds a strong foundation. The human nature and relationships are similar. We all start from scratch and build many strong relationships as we grow. Some who are not able to make any relationships are like the mangrove tree felled by the hurricane, being tossed and not knowing the final destination. Annie Dillard unites with nature and is part of it. She talks of the Earths movement in words that make a person imagine and feel the true aura of nature. She has merged the human nature and the nature to be examples of each other.

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